Upcoming meetings

Next EHPG Meeting: 21st-22nd November,

Nurses, doctors, and allied health professional are the backbone of our healthcare systems. Their important role in delivering high quality services became even more pronounced during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, rapid developments in technological change, and increasing patient volumes and complexity meant that the function of the healthcare workforce is undergoing substantial change. At the same time, healthcare systems struggle to recruit new healthcare workers, and they experience high rates of staff turn-over and attrition due to staff burn-out, migration, poor pay, and high levels of job dissatisfaction.

The upcoming meeting calls for research on the changing role of the healthcare workforce with a particular focus on multisectoral strategies to enhance resilience across Europe, including but not limited to issues related to the politics of healthcare workforce, lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic, incentives aimed at recruiting and retaining healthcare professionals, and policies aimed at improving workforce wellbeing.

The European Health Policy Group is a multidisciplinary network that aims to stimulate international collaboration and learning through comparative analysis of changes to health care systems in Europe. The group meets twice a year to discuss research papers, which will be presented by a discussant followed by a group discussion. The upcoming meeting will be hosted by the Department of Health Policy, LSE.

Abstracts can be submitted until 2nd October 2023 and should be sent to Rocco Friebel (r.friebel@lse.ac.uk). Authors will be advised if they have been successful by 6th October 2023 with draft papers or long abstracts (4-5 pages outlining the key elements in a structured approach) to be shared by 7th November 2023.