April 28, 2016

Spring 2016


European Health Policy Group Spring Meeting

National Institute for Health and Welfare, Helsinki

Thursday 28th April - Friday 29th April 2016


Thursday 28th April

12.30pm Registration and lunch

1.15pm Welcome and introduction

Chair: Zeynep Or (IRDES, Paris)


Paper 1 - New generation trade agreements and health services: politics and practice

Author: Meri Koivusalo, National Institute for Health and Welfare (NIHW)

Discussant: Steve Wright (Integrate)


Paper 2 - Patients Are Not the Public: Conceptualising Patient and Citizen Engagement in the UK and the Nordic Countries

Authors: Mio Fredrikson (Uppsala University), Jonathan Tritter (Aston University), Meri Koivusalo (NIHW)

Discussant: Thomas Oliver (University of Wisconsin)

3.00pm Refreshment break

3.30pm Chair: Ruth McDonald (University of Manchester)

Paper 3 - Reporting calamities by healthcare providers

How to understand internalization of regulation in a market-oriented system?

Authors: Kor Grit and Roland Bal (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Discussant: Ilmo Keskimäki (THL)


Paper 4, Do unto others: On the importance of reciprocity in designing public policy.

Authors: Adam Oliver (LSE)

Discussant: David Chinitz (University of Jerusalem)

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