September 18, 2020

COVID-19: impacts on health and health care systems in Europe


Welcome - 9am

Rocco Friebel (LSE, UK) , Zeynep Or ( IRDES, France) , Jan-Kees Helderman (Radboud University, TheNetherlands)

Key challenges in responding to COVID- 19 faced by OECD health systems - 9. 15am - 9.55am

Eliana Barrenho (OECD, France)

(How) Is COVID- 19 reframing the relat ionship between the NHS and private heal thcare in the UK? - 10am - 11am

Author (s) : Mary Guy, Lancaster University, UK)

Discussant : Sarah Reed (Nuffield Trust , UK)

Dancing with a Virus: Finding new Rhythms of Organizing and Caring in Dutch Hospitals - 1 1 : 15am - 12: 15pm

Author (s) : Iris Wallenburg (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands) , Bert de Graaff (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands) , Martijn Felder (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands) & Roland Bal (Erasmus University Rot terdam, Netherlands)

Discussant : Kees-Jan Royaards (Maasstad Ziekenhuis, The Netherlands)


How the health workforce contributes to health systems resi ience – comparing possibilties for innovation under Covid- 19 - 1pm - 2pm

Author (s) : Viola Burau (Aarhus University, Denmark) , El len Kuhlmann (Medical School Hannover, Germany) , Michelle Falkenbach (University of Michigan, USA) , Emmanuele Pavolini (University of Macerata, Italy) , Stephen Peckham (University of Kent , UK) & Iris Wallenburg (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Discussant : Florien Kruse (Radboud University Medical Centre, Netherlands)

Response to COVID- 19: Was Italy (un)prepared? - 2. 15pm - 3. 15pm

Author (s) : Iris Bosa (Universi ty of Edinburgh, UK) , Adriana Castelli (University of York, UK) , Michelle

Castelli (Newcastle Universi ty, UK) , Oriani Ciani (Bocconi University, Italy) , Amelia Compagni (Bocconi University, Italy) , Matteo M. Galizzi (London School of Economics, UK) , Matteo Garofano (Local Health Authority of Parma, I taly) , Simone Ghislandi (Bocconi University, Italy) , Margherita Giannoni (University of Perugia, Italy) , Giorgia Marini (Sapienza Universi ty of Rome, Italy) , Milena Vainieri (Sant 'Anna Advanced School of Pisa, Italy)

Discussant : Thomas Oliver (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

Closing remarks - 3. 15pm - 3.30pm

Rocco Friebel (LSE, UK)

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