EHPG is an informal, collegial and multidisciplinary network aiming to stimulate international collaboration and learning through meetings in the spring and autumn of each year for comparative and multi-disciplinary analysis of changes to European systems of health care. It was founded in 2001 by Gwyn Bevan and Adam Oliver at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The objective of EHPG meetings is to learn about the experiences of other (primarily European) countries and from perspectives of other disciplines. One intention of the meetings is to foster opportunities for collaboration between authors from different countries and different disciplines.

There are two meetings each yearn the Spring and Autumn. The Spring meetings are organised by different organisations and take place in different countries each year (in 2015 it was held in Pisa in 2016, Helsinki). These meetings give also the opportunity to learn about the health care system and policies of the hosting country. The Autumn meeting hosted by the London School of Tropical Hygiene and The King’s Fund.

If you want to become a member and receive information about our meetings please us the contact form and you will be added to the mailing list of the group.